Shades of Blue in as the Best Kawaii and Lolita Styling Picks

Kawaii, Lolita, and Harajuku fashion are known for the incredibly colorful styles they present. The joy and playfulness of the colors and the clothes are not for little kids anymore. Teenagers and young women are always looking for different ways to add some color to their outfits and present a unique style. Blue is one of the colors that come in many different shades that creates numerous styling options. For the Kawaii, Lolita, and Harajuku style followers, here are some of the best blue picks that will do great this season.


Women's Lolita Lace-up High-waisted Dresses With Bowknot

Feeling like a princess that has got out of some fairy tale is the look that this light blue dress creates, a full skirt, voluminous details, and lots of ruffles are just some of the many accessories that make the dress unique. The white color combination creates a nice color balance.



Women's Lolita Pure Color Peter Pan Color Dresses With Mess Overskirts

This powdery blue dress would have been very simple and plain if there has not been the mesh overskirt that gives an elegant vibe. The Peter Pan collar is very girly, and the mesh delivers a unique and interesting tone to the dress.



Women's Vintage Bear Pure Color  High-waisted Overall Dresses

Navy blue is another great color that comes high up in the fashion palette. This overall school dress is something that will never go out of style. The bear detail is a cute addition.



Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Double-breasted Long Sleeved Dresses

This navy sailor coat is quite a resemblance to what was worn in the past. It has double breasting, slim waist, white stripes, and big buttons that create a fabulous Kawaii fashion piece.



Women's Korean Fashion Single-breasted V-neck Pure Color Overall Dresses

A pretty casual and basic dress that can work for all relaxed events is this blue overall dress. It has front buttoning and it can be worn with a basic long-sleeved T-shirt underneath it.



Women's Lolita Side Bowknot Falbala Slip Dresses

Blue is a great shade that also looks great on plaid dresses. Here, it delivers a very vintage vibe. The midi length, the Mesh sleeves, and the wrap-up bow make it a unique and desirable piece that can work all seasons long.



Women's  Military Style Casual Contast Color Dresses

The white top and the light blue short skirt come together and create a uniform inspired dress. The classic style and the subtle ruffles deliver a final look that is very girly and chic.



Women's Vintage Large Floral Lapel Dresses

The line of this vintage dress follows the body, creating a feminine silhouette. The interesting details of this dress are the blue floral part that resembles the look of a shirt, under the navy midi dress.



Women's Vintage High-waisted Long Sleeved Dress

One of the most popular dresses currently that are out there on the fashion market is the ones that have A-line cut, just like this dress. The midi length is great for fall and winter. The opening is slightly curved, and the sleeves are a bit puffy. The color comes somewhere between the navy and petroleum.



Women's Lolita High-waisted  Dresses With Headwear And Mess Overskirt

Going over the top, in the full Lolita style and details is possible with this outfit. The mesh overskirt is big and voluminous, coming in a light blue color, with some fairytale-inspired details. It matches the headwear, which is also light blue and full of ruffles.



Women's Sweet Sailor Collar High-waisted Dresses With Tie

The latest world fashion trends feature exactly this type of dress. An A-line cut that is visually divided into three parts comes in a short version, with long and baloony sleeves. The sailor collar is a nice accessory that adds a bit of diversity to the dress.



Women's Vintage High-waisted Lace-up Dresses

This is a more classical dress, with straight lines and not much revealing. The high waist is elasticized, while the top can be done in a loose bow. There is a light pink shade to the ends of the sleeves that create the look of a smart shirt.



Women's Korean Fashion High-waisted Overall Dresses With Two Pockets

Whether it is for traveling, running errands, or some casual event, this overall dress comes with a dose of sporty and vintage style. The straps are wide, the length is medium and the side pockets are very convenient.


Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar High-waisted Dresses With Tie

True to the original vintage look, this blue dress features a sailor collar and white stripes. The long sleeves and the midi length are excellent details for this retro dress.



Women's Sweet Stand Collar Cutout Mid-length Dresses

This is an ultra-stylish dress that resembles the look of a tie-dye print. Blue and white mix wonderful together. It has baloony sleeves and a straight cut. The flowy fabric makes it fall freely and easy to style.



Women's Sweet Round Collar Trumpet Sleeved Dresses With Shawl

This casual and comfortable dress comes in navy blue. This color is very easy to style. The white shawl that is an addition to the dress creates a nice contrast and gives a nautical vibe.



Women's Sweet Mesh Spliced Off Shoulder Single-breasted Long Sleeved Dresses

Excellent for the summertime, this light baby blue dress is a combination between a shirt and an off-shoulder dress. The length reaches the nice, there is front buttoning and the off-shoulder top is covered in tulle.



Women's French Style Lace Spliced Slip Dresses

Inspired by the French chic, this dress holds inspiration from the famous sleep dress. It has tiny straps, with lace details and deep navy color.



Women's Harajuku A-line Denim Dresses

A-line denim dresses never go out of style. This Harajuku midi dress is very girly. It is an overall dress, with wide straps and front buttoning. DR896838

Blue is an excellent choice and these pieces will be a nice refresher to the Kawaii, Lolita, and Harajuku styles.
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