Plaid Dresses – a Never-ending Fashion Inspiration For Different Fashion Styles

If there is one fashion detail that can fit many different fashion styles it is the plaids. From the earliest times, the plaids have been a popular print to the garments that women wore. They have the power to make the piece look more beautiful. Their positioning is different, which gives the garment and richness in the look. The Kawaii, Harajuku, and Lolita styles mostly feature the plaids in their garments in a combination with some appealing and colorful shades.

Choosing a dress with plaids is a piece and investment that will last a long time. Here are some plaid suggestions for refreshing the wardrobe:

Women's Casual Contrast Color Plaid Single-breasted Dresses

The black and white print goes great on this plaid dress. The loose fit, the front buttoning, and the long sleeves make this piece a fashionable item.



Women's Kawaii Pure Color Shirts Splicing Plaid Dresses With Bowknot

The schoolgirl uniform comes perfectly presented in this dress. With a dose of a fresh and modern vibe, as well as the addition of pastel shades, this bowknot dress is a great choice for those who are feeling youthful and nostalgic.



Women's Vintage Sailor Collar High-waisted Plaid Dresses

For those who are looking to leave a great impression, the daring and strong color combination on the plaid dress will most certainly do that. The dress is short, wide and the addition of ruffles gives it a dose of sexiness.



Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Bowknot High-waisted Plaid Dresses

The retro and vintage plaid print is perfectly combined in the pinkish color choice. The dress is short, with a wide skirt, long sleeves, and a big and catchy bow up on the front.



Women's Vintage Puff Sleeved Bowknots Plaid Dresses With Choker

This vintage dress features a color combination that is darker but very daring. The riffles come on all the ends of the dress. There are a big bow and front buttoning, as well as complementing choker.



Women's Vintage Peter Pan Collar Falbala Hem Plaid Dresses

Similar to the shirt dresses, but with a looser and wider cut, this dress features darker plaids on a cream base. The distinctive detail here is the Peter Pan collar that comes in two layers.



Women's Kawaii Sailor Collor Plaid High-waisted Dresses With Bowknot

One of the most popular plaid choices is the red combination. On this dress, it delivers the vintage and timeless vibe, with the addition of beige sailor details.



Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Bowknot High-waisted Plaid Dresses

A more intense color combination is what defines this plaid dress. The pink and brown tones completely dominate the piece. The sailor collar is beautified with a bowknot detail.


Women's Kawaii Peter Pan Collar High-waisted  Plaid Dresses With Bowknot

Another similar plaid dress is this one that features the Peter Pan collar. The skirt is wide, with a high waist and a big bow that is centrally positioned.


Women's Sweet Peter Pan Collars Shirts Splicing Plaid Slip Dresses

A very cute and fashionable look can be achieved by wearing this plaid slip dress. It is short, with distinctive print and cut that makes it look very retro and vintage, but also modern and trendy.



Women's Sweet Chiffon Wave Point Shirts Splicing Plaid Slip Dresses

The black and white big plaids cover the entire dress. The model is a slip, with a heart-shaped opening and tiny straps. It follows the line of the body and creates a fitted silhouette.



Women's Vintage Stand Collar Plaid Dresses With Pure Color Vests

To add a bit of diversity and a modern vibe to the plaid dress, the monochromatic vest is an excellent choice. It goes over the dress and has a straight and loose cut. The earthy tones make it a fancy piece.



Women's Lolita Clock Large Lapel Contrast Color Plaid Dresses

Wearing the Romanian clock signs on the lapel of a Lolita dress is pretty much the most unique thing you can do. The plaid print is dark blue, the collar is white and the numbers are embroidered in navy blue.



Women's Kawaii Bowknot High-waisted Plaid Dresses

Few different shades of blue change in the plaid print of the Kawaii dress. The skirt is short, wide, and has a high waist. The square top comes with straps and the bow in blue is cute details. The sleeves are short and puffy.



Women's Lolita Ruffles Plaid Overall Dresses

Just like a doll coming out of a cartoon or some fairytale, this is the dress that is very interesting and unique. the blue plaid prints are combined with white lace and white top, which creates a nice contrast and balance between the upper and the lower part of the dress.


Women's Vintage High-waisted Plaid Dresses With Bowknot

Cozy, comfortable, and loose, this dress comes with an intense plaids print. The sleeves open at the ends, resembling a bell look, and the collar ties up in a bowknot. The length reaches the knees and the high waist gives an elongating effect to the silhouette.



Women's Lolita Peter Pan Collar Bears Printed Corduroy Plaid Dresses

Bear and plaids are not a popular combination, except when they come together on a dress like this. This cute piece is inspired by a baby's clothes. The top features a print of three bears and the collar is very girly and soft. The dress continues with a pleated skirt with front pockets that create the look of patches.



Women's Korean Fashion Pure Color Knitted Vests With Plaid Dresses

Another school-inspired outfit, but with a greater modern vibe is the plaid dress with the knitted vest. The plaid print is dense and intense. The knitted vest calms the look and adds an extra dose of fashionability. Instead of a collar, the dress itself finishes up in bowknot.


The plaids will remain forever a popular print, that will especially be dominant and present in the garments of Kawaii, Lolita, and Harajuku style.

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