The collection of bags offers different pieces and style that can complement the varied tastes of the sweet, vintage and korean fashion. The casual totes, fanny pack and the purses all flaunt special tone of kawaii fashionability and complete the outfit.
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Women's Casual Pure Color Square Packages
Women's Kawaii Contrast Color Striped Bunny Canvas Bags
Women's Kawaii Purple Bowknot Bunny Warm Flask Covers
Women's Kawaii Sleeping Bunny Doll Bags
From $25.00 - $28.00
Women's Kawaii Bunny Cellphone Bags
Women's Kawaii Bunny Doll Bags With Ear
From $19.90 - $25.00
Women's Kawaii Bear Shoulder Bags
Women's Lolita Pearl Chain Bear Bags
Rabbit Velvet Bag
Panda False Two-piece Tee
From $30.92 - $49.74