Top 20 Best Pink Kawaii Style Picks That You Can Find on Kawaii Fashion

Pink is the ultimate girl color. Whenever a girl is asked what her favorite color is, the answer is pink. Lead by that belief and popularity, kawaii fashion and styles are based upon the pink color as the most requested and popular one. Girly, feminine, playful, and youthful, pink is a shade that never goes out of style, no matter the season and the age.

For those of you who are looking to refresh your wardrobe with some pink shades, here is a list of exquisite pink picks from Kawaii fashion that will satisfy all kawaii, Harajuku, and Lolita fans. Take a look!


Women's Vintage Contrast Color Lapel High-waisted Dresses

Very retro and beautiful, this dress comes in two shades of pink. The soft, deep and powdery pink dominated the dress, while the light pink comes on the collar, end of the sleeves, the bow, and the buttoning area. The midi length, the long sleeves, and the high elasticized west make this dress excellent for different occasions and stylings.


Women's Lolita Contrast Color Double-layered Corduroy Dresses

If you are looking for a more Lolita and doll look, this is the right dress. It features lots of ruffles, layering, lace, and bows. The color combinations put the dusty pink as the main color, with the details colored in white. The sleeves are particularly interesting because they come in elasticized parts which make them look bubbly.


Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Bowknot High-waisted Plaid Dresses

Plaids, bows, and A-line cut come together in this very cute and stylish dress. The comfortability of the cut makes it an excellent piece for all seasons. The intensity of the plaids print, alongside the color combination of pink and red, creates a dress that is very retro and brings back nostalgia. The sailor collar is another retro detail that finishes in a bow-tie.The sleeves are long and a bit puffed, with a huge pink bow coming up on the front and being an interesting detail on the plaid base.



Women's Sweet High-waisted Pure Color Ruffles Overall Dresses

Overall dresses have been very popular in the '90s. This is one such dress, coming in a cute baby pink color. With wide straps and a large front opening, it looks excellent when styled with a long-sleeved shirt. The skirt comes in big and voluminous ruffles.



Women's Kawaii Pure Color Puff Sleeved Dresses

Pink can look smart and business-inspired too with this dress. The A-line cit comes greatly incorporated with the smart collar, puff sleeves, and the striped tie.



Women's Sweet Peter Pan Collar Lace-up Bowknot Plaid Dresses

Peter Pan collars are very cute and interesting for kawaii fashion. This dress comes well the Petar pan collar with the plaids, creating a very stylish and unique dress.



Women's Lolita Falbala Sleeved Contrast Color Dresses 

This is the dress that presents a look of a modern and stylish housewife. The sewed-in apron with all the details and ruffles creates a unique piece that can be worn to an event or themed party.



Women's Sweet Sequin Mess Dresses Spliting Short Slip Dresses 

Soft, romantic, and unique are just some of the adjectives that describe this sequined sheer dress. The under part is shorter, while the sheer tulle is longer, in a very light pink color.



Women's Sweet Large Lapel Pure Color High-waisted Dresses

This school-inspired dress comes with an extra-long and big collar in white, while the base of the dress is a wonderful mixed purple and violet shade. The cut is loose, with midi-length.



Women's Sweet  Lace Hem Overall Dresses With Cherry Brooch

This very girly pink overall dress comes with an A-line cut and details such as big buttons around the straps and a cherry brooch that make it very cute.


Women's Kawaii Peter Pan Collar High-waisted Dresses

Lace details and the intense baby pink dominate this very beautiful dress. The lace ending on the sleeves is eye-catching and romantic.



Women's Lolita Bowknot Ruffles Two-layered Dresses

Just like out of a fairy tale, this pink dress has a wide skirt with two layers, and a front that is white lace layered-up.



Women's Korean Fashion Pure Color Mess Long Skirts

Highly fashionable and stylish, the long pink skirt is great for elegant and formal events. The underpart is shorter and in intense pink, while the top comes in long sheer cover.



Women's Kawaii High-waisted Pure Color Pleated Skirts

The pleated skirts never go out of style, and having a pink one is the perfect addition to the kawaii and Lolita fashion style.



Women's Korean Fashion Pleated Maxi Skirts

Elasticized waist, long pleats, and a flowy texture come together in this very trendy maxi skirt that is easy and quick for styling.



Women's Kawaii Toned Torn Sleeved Contrast Color Stripe Fitted Tees

For a casual day or night out, the pink striped kawaii shirt is a great choice. To add a bit of fashionability to the shirt, the bell sleeves make it much more interesting rather than ordinary.



Women's Sweet Contrast Color Striped Single-breasted Cardigans

Keeping warm and fashionable at the same time comes from this two-colored cardigan. Oversized and loose, the pink and white color change with each stripe. The big black buttons make the cardigan stand out.



Women's Vintage Pure Color Puff Sleeved Cardigans

Another ultra-stylish and the fashionable piece is the puff-sleeved knit cardigan. Oversized and voluminous, with big sleeves and without buttoning, the cardigan has a medium length that makes it an ultra-fashionable kawaii piece.



 Women's Sweet Pure Color Single-breasted Autumn Cardigans With Two Big Pockets

The monochromatic pink cardigan will not only keep you warm but also provide a stylish look. The big buttons, side pockets, and soft pink are enough to make this piece unique.



Women's Sweet Pearl Hem Of Heart Sailor Collar Loose Cardigans

Hearts, pearls, and pink – three things that girls adore. All combined together comes in this fabulous loose cardigan, excellent for the fall time.


With so many pink choices, it is time to update your wardrobe and flaunt the kawaii, Harajuku, and Lolita fashion like a pro.

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