Playful and Colorful Garment for Every Kawaii Fashion Lover

Kawaii fashion always brings something different. The unique looks of the garments that are created under the direction of Kawaii fashion are very interesting and many find it as a perfect opportunity to change their style and look. As the Kawaii fashion keeps more to the playfulness rather than to the trends, the new arrivals in this collection will intrigue even those who are skeptical about trying something new.

For all those of you who have been waiting to see what comes in our collection, here is a quick overview and presentation of the new garments.


Plaid dress

This plaid dress with Peter Pan collar is a garment that every girl will adore. The cut of the dress follows an A-line. It is full of details and looks very romantic too. The Petar Pan collar is something that cannot be seen quite often in the current fashion trends. It is retro and cool. The front buttoning comes from the top to the bottom. The sleeves are wide, almost baloony, with ruffles at the ends. It comes in a pink and white option.



Collar shirt

The Harajuku collar shirt is a beautiful shirt that comes in many different color options. The base of the shirt is one color, while the ends on the sleeves, the collar and the bow are in another. This makes it very interesting and cool, both for casual and work outfits. The Peter Pan collar of the shirt is very girly. The sleeves are short and the bow at the front is a nice detail.



Purfle dress

This wrap-up short dress will make each girl's dreams come true. The cut, tailoring and the look are truly exceptional. It is made of light and sheer fabric, perfect for the hot days. The ruffles are very well present in different parts. What makes it unique is the strawberry print that is equal through the entire dress. The addition of small black polka dots makes it even more extraordinary and chic.



Plaid dress

As a print, the plaids have always been popular and present among the fashion trends. Each season, they come into a different, fresh version. For the Kawaii fashion lovers. This plaid dress is soft and romantic. The base is white, but the plaids that come in red, pink, and green color make it very girly and cute. The collar and the ends of the sleeves are white and elasticized.



Lacing shirt

Red is a strong and dominant color that many girls simply avoid. However, on this Lacing shirt, the red fits perfectly. The shirt is elegant and chic, looks very good when paired with a smart skirt or pants. For a more casual look, it looks great with shorts too. The real beauty of the shirt pops when the collar is on top, as well as the bow that comes from lacing. The sleeves are long and beautiful.



A-line skirt

The return of the vintage pieces, like this A-line skirt, is trending on the fashion market worldwide. Girls are inspired to wear something cool in the past. This A-line skirt comes with an incorporated vintage vibe and double layering. The middle-high waist makes it perfect for different body shapes. The accenting part of the skirt is the white layering part that comes underneath the original skirt.



Slip Dress

Slip dresses are very sexy and interesting garments that can work for day and night outings if they are styled properly. The resemblance to the doll’s dress that this particular one provides is something that elevates the look on a new level. The straps are comfortable, they have tiny bows as they reach the dress. The lacing front is very retro and the skirt opens in A-line. The presence of ruffles and laces makes it extraordinary.



Corduroy pants

One of the latest fashion trends includes pants with a wide leg and undefined length. This length reaches somewhere below the knees. The Harajaku loose pants are comfortable and stylish piece. The corduroy is a soft fabric that feels good on the skin. The waist is elasticized, and the pants come with big side pockets.



High-waisted dress

If you are looking for the perfect white summer dress, then this one is the perfect option. The collar opens to the sides, with little ruffles to the ends. These ruffles are also present on the ends of the dress. The entire dress is mostly plain but the riffles add for its uniqueness. The skirt has a high-waist, that visually elongates the body. The length reaches the knees.



Long-sleeved Shirt

The drawstring long-sleeved shirt presents a new take on wearing a shirt in a cool new way. The collar here is pointy and accented, completely different than the Petar Pan ones. The entire cut of the shirt is loose. The ends on the sleeves are elasticized and accented with drawstring. This shirt comes in two options: black and red.



Plaid Pleated skirt

Short pleated plaid skirts are part of the so-called School uniform. Although they are still present in some schools around the world, they are very popular and fashionable outside them. The newest arrival of these skirts comes in three color options: blue, grey, and pink. The light and pastel colors are perfect for the summer and wearing them is something that will make you feel like you are back in school.


Kawaii fashion is now so close to everyone willing to try it out. These garments from the newest arrival will satisfy all tastes. The colors are vibrant and bold. Find what catches your eye and enjoy flaunting the Kawaii fashion in your style.

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