Need Some Details and Color in Your Outfits? Kawaii Fashion Newest Arrivals Have Just That!

There are times in every girl's life where the style and fashion changes. Sometimes the monochromatic looks are in play, sometimes the playfulness of the prints and motifs is what dominates. Whichever the case, Kawaii fashion is the solution for both choices. Always delivering something interesting and unique, Kawaii fashion is a joyful choice for all those looking to make a difference in their outfits.

With the newest set of arrivals, Kawaii fashion has a lot to offer to its customers. Simple, yet dominant looks and garments are what will transform this summer in terms of fashion. Making the looks and outfits more fun and interesting is always great by the addition of details. That is why we have picked the best and most detail-filled clothes from the newest arrivals that should be on your Kawaii shopping list. Take a look!

Flower dress

Nothing speaks for a colorful summer more than a light, flower dress. The flower print is one of the most desired prints for women and girls, and Kawaii fashion also includes it in its designs. The playfulness of this feminine item has always been a top choice among women. This summer, the apricot-colored flare dress presents a subtle, yet attractive flower print, which transforms the piece from unique to extraordinary. The short puffy sleeves and the ruffled opening add additional beauty to the dress. Its midi length is very popular and trendy now.



Plaid shorts

Many fashionistas will tell you that the plaids are winter print. However, the fashion designers disagree on this, and that is why you can see it as part of the newest summer collections and our newest summer arrivals. The plaid print that comes on these shorts is very interesting and colorful. The red dominates, keeping its original look, while the shorts as a garment, is what puts a dose of summer vibe. These shorts are great for day and night outings, and the styling is pretty easy – just add some cute top or shirt and you are ready to go.



Cute shirt

Details like pearls, embroidery, and embellishments are good things to make the look of a top more interesting. This cute shirt comes in soft pink color and resembles Kawaii fashion. The top part is made of transparent fabric. What adds beauty to this shirt are the pearl buttons and the flower embellishment details running from one side to the other, on the area on the cleavage. The sleeves are wide, with mid-length and puffy.



Plaid pajamas

Why sleep in some boring and plain pajamas when you can dream in color? This strawberry plaid pajama set is adorable and interesting. The top comes with an A-line cut, a huge ruffled collar, and two side pockets. The sleeves are wide and baloney. The plaid is done in red and white which goes very well with the strawberry details on the pockets. The bottoms are long and comfortable. These pajamas are something that you will want to wear all the time.



Fruit shirt dress

Another popular summer prints are fruits and vegetables. This has not been the case in the past year, but it somehow managed to become one. All the garments featuring this type of print are cool and interesting. As the Kawaii fashion always tries to deliver the most unique prints and colors, this fruit shirt dress is the best choice for summer. The collar, the cut, and the sleeves resemble the look of a shirt. The base is white, and the color of the fruit can be either pink or yellow. It is a very eye-catching dress that is great for many different things and casual outings, traveling, riding a bike, etc.



Striped crop top

There is always a place for more tops in our closet. The crop tops in particular are the latest and most popular choice among the girls. Their special cut and look make them perfect styling and pairing pieces with different bottoms. This top is unique in its look because it is simple, yet, it has everything that a girl needs. The tiny and thin straps are more than enough for comfortability and support. The stripes on the top come in many different colors, resembling the colors of the rainbow. Their horizontal positioning makes the top excellent and stylish piece that can be worn everywhere – from the beach to daily errands and relaxed nights out.



Tye dye dress

This is a dress that can be seen in two versions: either as a flora dress or a tye-dye dress. These two options emerge from the fact that the print of the dress is unique. It is considered as a flora dress, but a representation of it resembles a look of a tye-dye dress. The halter neck and the short length make it a perfect dress for the summertime. It can be worn with an additional scarf or long-sleeved blouse, just to make the look even more complete. The flowy and light fabric is excellent on the skin and provides easy movement and comfortability.



Checkered Dress

Black and white checkered pattern is popular and never goes out of style. Combined with ruffles, it brings back the retro vibe. This dress is exactly the garment that is great for summer – it can even be worn to work. The loose cut makes it excellent for moving around and comfortable, the ruffles on the sleeves bring nice addition and the tiny bow on the front seals the look.



As summer is all about adding some playfulness and diversity into the clothing outfits, the prints and patterns are the best things to do that. At Kawaii fashion, everyone can find the different pieces they are looking for. And when it comes to prints and patterns, the newest arrivals have a lot to offer. Add some playfulness with the clothes from our newest arrivals line and let your summer be joyful and interesting!

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