Channeling You Inner Lolita Has Never Been Easier

Different parts of the world have seen different types of fashion over the years. Although fashion and the world today are striving towards achieving uniqueness and equality in all the fields, some fashion parts remain closely tied to the particular culture. One of those fashion styles that connect the unique fashion looks with the geographical area is the Lolita fashion.

For those not quite familiar with the Lolita fashion styles, here are some quick and interesting things that will get you informed and maybe you will become the newest Lolita fashion lover.

Lolita style comes from Japanese fashion. It is considered as Japanese fashion subculture that was created and appeared on the fashion radar with the high influence of the Victorian era and clothing. Not very present today, the Lolita fashion style presented was then considered to be cute. The girls and their outfits screamed cuteness. This cuteness came with additional subcategories, each of them displaying another distinctive part in defining the cuteness: sexy, gothic, classic, sweet, etc. Mainly present and dominant in Japan, the Lolita fashion style is making a comeback on the world fashion scene and its return has inspired many to try out something new.

If you are willing to see and dress as the real and original Lolita girl from back at the time, here are some clothing and accessories suggestions that will help you nail the perfect Lolita look.


Puff Sleeved dress

The first clothing garment that comes to mind and shows the greatest resemblance with Lolita looks is the puff-sleeved dress. Although the puff sleeve is currently experiencing a boom in terms of fashion trends, back at the time, it was one thing that made a resemblance with the Lolita style. Usually, the dresses had an A-line cut, starting tight at the collar, and opening like an "A" shape as they went down. The light of the dress reaches the knees or just something above them. This Lolita Puff Sleeved pleated dress is an original replica of that particular dress. The sleeves are puffy, separated by fancy ruffles. The front of the dress features the same ruffle in a squared opening, with a high collar. As the dress opens to the sides and covers the knees, it ends with two lines of ruffles. What makes this dress special are the cartoon images that are drawn on the very end of the dress, instantly making you a part of some fairytale.


Not all Lolita inspired dresses come with full sleeves. There is plenty of them, from back at the time, that looked like nightgowns or today's slip dresses. One of those is Lolita Slip dress with Bowknot. The opening and the front part of the dress resemble the look of a vintage corset. That is mainly because of the front laces that are tied in the shape of the letter X. The straps of the dress start with a bow on each side. The top par is tight, and as it moves down to the skirts, it opens up in a full skirt.  The back is low, elasticized, with a belt that ties up in a bow. Subtle and discreet florals fill the entire dress making it unique and romantic. This slip dress can be worn with a shirt underneath or on bare skin. The four colors it comes in leave a lot of options for styling according to the look you want to achieve.


Flower sheer shirt

Another thing that comes very close to the Lolita style is the sheer fabric. Back in the time, it was used as part of the dresses and shirts. The layered tulle, on the other hand, was used for the skirts. The newest Lolita fashion remakes present the sheer fabric in the shirt options. Transparent and see-through, these shirts are very fancy and look cool. Their additional beauty comes from the flower embroidery that is equally present on the entire shirt. The transparent base can be in several colors, making this Lolita shirt perfect for the spring and summertime. Very soft and feminine, the Flower sheer shirt can be worn in many different styling options that will fully add to the unique Lolita style.


Peter Pan collar shirt

Shirts, just like dresses, play a big and important part of the Lolita style. Contrary to the Flower sheer shirt, the Petar Pan collar shirt provides a different look. It resembles a look of the so-called “school uniform shirt”. The straight cut and the long sleeves make it appropriate for nailing that look. The sleeves also come in a puffy version, which is an additional Lolita style. The Peter Pan collar is suitable and girly detail on the shirt, alongside the vertical ruffles, buttoning and rose details on the sleeves. Styling of this shirt is very easy since it looks great under any version of Lolita dresses or a short mini pleated skirt.


Lace ruffles socks

Socks have been and are a big part of Lolita’s fashion style. Colorful, extraordinary and full of details, the Lolita Lace ruffle socks add just the necessary and final touch of cuteness the Lolita look needs. The girly design comes with a consecutive change of patterns. The fishnet row is followed by hearts row, all together finishing up with an elasticized ruffle. The knee height presents them just on the line between sexy and cute. Coming in white and black color, these socks will make any Lolita outfit complete.



No matter if you dressing for a costume party, Halloween or just completely turning to Lolita fashion, these are the best suggestions that will get you started in this fashion direction. Enjoy the new look and cuteness that Lolita fashion brings and channel your inner one in the best possible fashion outfits.



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