Hot Sale Items That You Simply Cannot Miss From Kawaii Fashion

Sales are always great when it comes to getting your hands on the pieces that you have wanted for the entire year. This applies to every Korean fashion style and the choices then are quite varied and colorful. Kawaii fashion and its sub-styles are always interesting for the followers of this fashion and sales are just the right time to add some pieces in your closet.

We at Kawaii Fashion are bringing to you the best sales choices that you can find to upgrade and enjoy the Kawaii, Lolita, and Harajuku styles. Here are our picks:

Women's Drawstring Plaid Overall Dress

This plaid overall dress is a great piece for the fall and winter days. As the name suggests, the overall dress comes with big and wide straps, like those of a jumpsuit, that go over the top part of the body. The place where they connect to the skirt comes as a wide collar, high on the waist that accents the silhouette of the body. From there downwards, the skirt opens in A-line cut. What is interesting in the front lacing of the wide collar, giving an additional accent on the waist. The plaid print comes beige that is a great choice for fall. It can be paired and styled with a long-sleeved shirt.


Vintage A-line Plaid Skirt

The vintage look of the plaid skirts has never gone out of style. The ones that resemble the look of a school uniform are a piece that has left a strong mark in the fashion industry. This A-line skirt and its cut are exactly what Kawaii fashion lovers' signature choice is. The red plaid print comes in combination with white lines, high waist, and the medium collar.


Women's Cute Flower Embroidered Knitted Crop Tops

Those who are really into the Lolita style should not miss the knitted tops. Excellent for styling with short skirts or shorts, these tops come in different colors, all vibrant and strong. The cut is cropped, great for the younger generation. The knit is interrupted with discreet knitted braid. What makes the top interesting is the flower print that comes in blue color.


Women's Falbala Green Plaid Dress

Women and girls who enjoy wearing dresses inspired by the fairytales and cartoon can try the Falbala green plaid dress. The dress comes with short sleeves and the length reaching somewhere over the knees. It is entirely in plaids, with a special accent on the military green color. The front is covered in two look-like collars, ending with the ruffles. The dame ruffles could be seen at the end of the dress. The sleeves are puffy and ending in an elasticized ruffle.


Harajuku Falbala Lace Ruffles Dress

A bit more classic and toned down look can be achieved with the Lace ruffles dress. It comes in black color, the length reaching just over the knees, and midi sleeves. The collar features a white lace that can also be seen at the ends of the sleeves. The skirt has A-line cut, with a tiny elasticized waist, just visually making the body look longer.


Harajuku Strawberry Printed Purfle Dress

Fruit motifs are a common choice when summer comes. The Harajuku fashion features lots of fruits, but this summer, try the strawberries. The red, delicious, and enchanting strawberries come as a print on this white wrap-up dress. The wrap part features big and voluminous ruffles, with wide sleeves and length reaching the knees. The base of the dress is white, with tiny dots.


 Vintage Lace Ruffles Long Sleeved Dress

For a more elegant and formal look, the vintage ruffles long dress is a choice that many girls will just adore it. The long sleeves and the short length make the dress super stylish and cool. The lace on the front, covering the cleavage brings a dose of romantics and femininity. The same lace appears on the ends of the puffy sleeves and the skirt part.


Harajuku Peter Pan Collar Shirt with Riband

A woman always needs a white shirt in her closet. Instead of going for the classic look, the Peter Pan collar shirt is a great stylish choice that many will find it super fashionable. The shirt has long sleeves, a slim fit cut, and a very eye-catching collar. It is voluminous and appealing, with a shiny ribbon going through it.


Kawaii Lace Ruffles Plaid Skirt

Another plaid skirt that cannot be missed is the midi plaid ruffles skirt. It is big and voluminous, with dense laid print and additional lace that makes it look even bigger. The waist comes in an elasticized belt and tiny straps that can be worn to resemble the look of the overalls or just left to the sides to fall feely.


Women's Black Cheongsam Dress 

Korean fashion and styles are distinctive by one thing that the Asian fashion delivers and that is the unique look of the collar of the tops, shirts, and dresses. This black dress comes with the same opening. It has shorts sleeves, tight cut, and mini length. There is a discreet cover on the skirt, resembling the look of a wrap-up.


Pink Plaid Peter Pan collar Dress

Currently very trendy and stylish are the Peter Pan collar dresses. This is the one that is very comfortable and easy to wear and style. The entire dress is oversized, featuring ruffles on the ends of the sleeves and the skirt. The Peter Pan collar is very cute and girly.


Harajuku Loose Corduroy Pants

The wide-leg cropped pants are very popular among the fashionistas. This type of pants is excellent for styling with different footwear. The Harajuku loose pants comes in corduroy, a fabric that is great for the fall season. The waist is elasticized, while the side pockets are deep and squared. The choice can be made among two colors.



With these no-miss items, every Kawaii fashion lover will have fresh new things in their closet. Make your shopping today!

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