Color Your Kawaii Summer in Pink

Summer is always a great time to sport and flaunt some colors and color choices of your outfits. Although this summer might be a bit different than the previous summers considering the situation with the virus, it does not have to affect the way we style and our outfits. Kawaii fashion and the style it shows are among the most colorful styles that is everything but boring. The variety of prints, colors, logos, pictures, and the combination of different fabrics is what defines the uniqueness of Kawaii fashion.

Among the most popular colors for this summer in the Kawaii trends is the pink color. The only girly color, that everyone adores and loves, is the centerpiece among the newest arrivals at Kawaii Fashion.

As a color, pink is soft, feminine, girly, romantic. It is the ultimate female color that is easy to the eye and very fashionable. It has always been present in the fashion industry and the choice of designers when it comes to creating new lines and trends. For the kawaii fashion, it has a special meaning – it resembles the color of the dolls and the looks that come from the dolls, something that kawaii fashion and styles proudly sports.

The new arrivals at Kawaii Fashion put the focus exactly on the pink color. For all those of you who are willing to upgrade your summer Kawaii wardrobe, take a look at our newest pink picks and add some pink color in your closet.

Crop top

Among the tops, the crop top is still the most popular top and the younger generation simply adores it. Although it does not have any practical reason and use, the crop top is a very fashionable and trendy piece. The stylishness and the popularity of this piece come from the trends that emerged with the high-waisted jeans. The crop top usually comes well-styled with bottoms that accentuate the legs and make them look visually longer. This crop top is a great summer piece. The excellent and vibrant colors well depicts the Kawaii style. It comes with discreet straps and chiffon as a finish layer.



Short-sleeved T-shirt

The must-have piece for the summer is always some cute short-sleeved T-shirt. It styles excellent with shorts or a skirt and presents quite a fashionable and casual look. Since pink is the color that you need in your closet this summer, this Kawaii pink shirt is something that will make you very happy. The regular cut allows comfortability and the front print is quite interesting. It has a picture of three red strawberries, excellent for the summer season. This will instantly become your favorite T-shirt for this summer.



Lingerie Set

Underwear and the feeling you have when you wear it is very important. The fabric has a great deal in this, and here, the Kawaii style is something that delivers just that. This cute top that can be paired with bottoms, creates nice lingerie set that combines the comfortability with the fashionability. The top and bottoms are quite unique. The top - bra, is very comfortable with discreet ruffled ends. And the pink version is total hit for this summer.



Micro Skirt

Another unique and very signature garment for the Kawaii fashion is the micro plaid skirt. It is quite short, with a specific design and cut. The pleats and plaids are an excellent combination. The entire look of the skirt is very girly and feminine and what makes it interesting is the checkered pattern. To be in the trend with the pink color, this skirt comes in a pink and white colors of the print. The best way to style this skirt is to pair it with over-the-knee socks that finish the entire and unique Kawaii look.




Velvet socks

You can never have too much socks. Especially those comfortable ones that keep your feet warm and cozy. For the Kawaii fashion lovers, there are so many cute options that will keep serve their purpose and keep your inner child alive. These sweet pink socks are made of soft and furry material, with a 3D representation of a bunny. The color scheme plays between the pink and the purple and makes it the ultimate girl's homewear. The purple hearts only add to the distinctive look of the socks. With these socks, you will feel like walking on the clouds.



Sheer Lose T-shirt

Girls love sheer fabric. It somehow has the power to transform every outfit into a more elgant want, and closely resembles tulle. It comes as an addition to any fashion garment, but it can be unique, just like this shirt. To keep up with the trends, one of the newest arrivals at Kawaii Fashion is the pink oversized and sheer shirt. It has long sleeves, collar and front buttoning. The front pocket adds the famous shirt resemblance. And of course, the pink shade cannot go unnoticed. Its subtle dominance makes it eye-catching. The sheer fabric requires an additional piece to worn underneath, like the lingerie top. It is extremely trendy and fashionable and everyone can wear them, not only Kawaii lovers.




If there is one piece that will always find its place in the wardrobe and we constantly buy it, it is the hoodie. The comfortability that this garment brings to all those wearing it is inexplicable. No matter the season, or the occasion, the relaxed and casual look cannot be completed without wearing a hoodie. For the pink trend, this bear is just the thing that you need. The soft pink shade of the garment creates a nice and well-balanced look. The pockets that come on the front are very convenient. It is a bit oversized, which adds to the comfortability and coziness. To add some additional playfulness, the front of the hoodie presents a drawing of a bear.



With these picks form Kawaii Fashion newest arrivals, you will add some pink color in your looks and outfits.

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