10 Great Plaid and Pleated Garments That You Can Find on Kawaii Fashion

One of the pieces and garments that truly and closely describes Kawaii fashion is the plaid skirt. Many connect the plaid skirt as the garment that is very familiar and present as part of a school uniform. Setting that aside, the plaid skirt has never gone out of style – it has just come back in more refreshed and the new looks, according to the trends that were on scene, at that time.

The plaid skirts can very easily be styled as part of the everyday outfit. They look great with long-sleeved shirts, blouses, crop tops, shirts with short sleeves, bralettes, and even jackets. On Kawaii Fashion all of you can find the most desired and various plaid skirts, in different lengths, colors, and cuts.

Here are 10 great garments with plaids and pleats that every girl would love:


High-waisted Plaid Pleated Skirt with two Buckle



Women's Lace Falbala Overall Dress

Overall dresses are something that is not a common choice among many girls, but they are truly extraordinary and different. On the first look, this dress looks more like a skirt than a dress. The straps that make it an overall are discreet and they can be left to fall to the sides. The skirt is very big and voluminous, totally girly and Lolita style. The pattern comes in pink, with a transparent tulle cover.




Women's Harajuku High-waisted Plaid Pleated Skirts

Short, cute, colorful, and plaid, these choices are more than enough for all of the summer outfits. The color options and variations are extra cool and fashionable, great for every girl that wants to bring some difference and vibrancy in her outfit. The short length makes them appropriate for casual and informal events, and its styling, in terms of footwear, varies from sneakers to heels. All kinds of tops and shirts would look good in these skirts.



Women's Casual Short-Sleeved Shirts with Tie

When it comes to the styling of the plaid pleated skirts, the best way to do so is to go all the way with the school uniform look. In terms of tops, it means styling it with a plain white long-sleeved shirt. It does not have to be a regular type, but a more fashionable one, like this oversized one. It has a regular collar, short and wide sleeves, with a retro look, as well as front pockets.



Women's Sweet Cross Drawstring High-waisted Plaid Skirts

Another pretty interesting plaid skirt choice is drawstring skirts. These skirts are particularly interesting because they have drawstring laces on the front that resemble the look of the sexy corsets. These skirts, although they come from light and easy fabric, carry a dose of extravagance with them. There are 4 different color options, in terms of the pattern, each of them in the same A-line cut and style.


Harajuku High-waist Skirt

The fashion first introduced the short skirts pleats skirts with the extra low waist. Now, as fashion and the styles change, the new trend puts them promotes them with a high waist. These Harajuku style skirts are with a high waist and subtle plaids that blend well with the fabric itself. The print is quite dense and there are 3 color options to choose from. The distinctive bow to the side makes this skirt super stylish.



High-waisted Contrast Color Plaid Pleated Skirt

This type of pleated skirt is the one that many consider as the most regular and classic one. The checkered print, also known as plaid, is more modern and eye-catching – just the type that never goes out of style. The three color combinations and options are just what any girl needs – baby pink and blue for the cute and girly look, and navy for a more serious one. The high waist goes well with blouses and shirts, even with bandeau tops and crop tops.



Vintage A-line Plaid Skirt

The vintage garments and looks that resemble a vintage style have been very popular lately. The same applies to the Kawaii, Harajuku, and Lolita style. The plaid skirt, as one of the most signature garments for all styles, also can come in vintage look, and this one is in red. The pleated cut is very well blended with the plaid print, and the length is excellent – it reaches the knees. This is the skirt that speaks a good girl.



Goth Plaid A-line Skirt

The Goth style is not very known to promote the plaid print. On the contrary, it shows a darker and scarier style. However, this skirt has plaids and pleated cut, all together well-wrapped in a Goth style. The length is short, the A-line cut is present since it is popular for this type of skirt, and it has additional plastic belts to the side, that add a bit of military look to the skirt. this is the skirt can be work with sweaters, sweatshirts and other tops – depending on the final look you want to achieve.



Vintage Plaid Brace Skirt

As soon as the colder weather hits, the light and easy plaid skirts will have to be switched with those that will keep us warmer. One of those types of skirts is the plaid brace skirt. Made of heavy and warm fabric, the skirt features elasticized waist and straps from the same fabric that could be worn over some top garment, providing the look of overalls. The best styling tip is to incorporate a long-sleeved shirt with puffy sleeves, some cute tights, and sneakers.


With these 10 styling suggestions, if you have never been a lover of plaids or pleats you will definitely become one now.

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