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Since the earliest times, Japanese women have been known for their impeccable beauty and fashion style. Being on the other side of the world, they have dedicated themselves to maintaining unique and original. That originality and not being influenced by fashion trends is strong and still present today. Staying true to their culture and the fashion style, the Japanse women are bringing back the Kawaii fashion.

Kawaii fashion is a special fashion style that like Lolita, focuses on cuteness, colorfulness, and extraordinary clothes. Kawaii fashion is present in lots of anime movies and lately, the Japanese women are bringing back this style in their regular daily outfits. The modern Kawaii fashion focuses on accenting the difference, the cartoon-inspired looks and colors, and everything that the modern world lacks off.

As the spring-summer season is just around the corner, flaunting some Kawaii fashion inspired pieces might be the refresher you need. This style can also work as a themed party or costume party. Whichever you choose, find your inspirations on Kawaii fashion. And here are some suggestions for those new and just getting to know the kawaii fashion style and outfits.

Kawaii flower sweater

Nothing says springtime like flower inspired sweater. Kawaii floral sweater is a comfortable and cozy sweater coming in several different colors. The cut is straight, a bit oversized, which makes it perfect for the current fashion trends. The sleeves are long and wide, finishing in elastic openings. The real accent on this sweater comes from the added flower details. Sewed on, presenting a look of attached ones, the flowers look like a handmade work. Placed all over the sweater, they are not dense. Each coming in a different color makes the sweater interesting, cute and girly.


Kawaii loose cardigan

In terms of outerwear, Kawaii fashion promotes loose and oversized garments over the tight and slim ones. The Kawaii loose cardigan is that type of clothing that makes the upper part of the outfit more dominant than the rest. This piece comes with a wide-open neck, leaving just enough space for some cute collar to be seen underneath. The front buttons are the only detail that can work as an accessory too. The cut is straight, without any particular tailoring. The sleeves are also pretty big and wide, making the entire piece extra spacious and comfortable. Inspired by the retro looks of the sweaters in the past, the cardigan has two big front pockets, each positioned symmetrically to the sides. Perfect for the chilly mornings and nights, this cardigan will provide you with the best possible warmth and fashion.


Kawaii plaid skirt

One of the garments that go cool with the Kawaii fashion is the pleated skirt. The one that resembles the look of a girl’s school uniform carefully plays on the line between the cute and sexy. Short enough to show off some legs, and long enough to make it look tasteful, the plaid skirt is a piece that is a must in the Kawaii fashion styles. The checkered print is timeless and the A-line cut makes it suitable for different body types. The ruffle that goes around the entire skirt makes it look more stylish and beautiful. It looks best when paired with an over the knee socks and a shirt.


Kawaii printed hoodies

The monster outfits are not for little kids anymore. Bringing a dose of playfulness and joy to the casual style outfits can be done with the Kawaii printed monster hoodies. This sweater comes with the most beautiful addition – the monster inspired sleeves and the hoodie. It is a unique sweatshirt that features a small monster at the front. The hoodie and the sleeves are green and with monster details. The cut of the sweatshirt is loose, making it very comfortable for wearing. The base at the front is white, which is another pointer that spring is coming. It can easily be paired with other Kawaii garments and for the regular fashionistas – with jeans.


Kawaii pajama

 Although you might not wear it outside of your home, channeling the full Kawaii fashion can be done when you are sleeping too. The best dreams come from the soft and comfy pajamas, and the Kawaii velvet pajama is exactly what you need so that you can dream in color. Available in two colors, blue and pink, this pajama will make your dreams vivid and live. The long sleeves and the wide opening make it perfect sleepwear, and many would choose it as loungewear too. The sleeves and the pajama itself end in wide ruffles and there is a cute little bow up at the front.


Kawaii Chiffon dress

A very popular fabric in Kawaii fashion is the chiffon. It is light, sheer, soft and very girly. The chiffon is widely accepted fabric but it has a special connection to the Kawaii style because it presents cuteness in the best possible form. The Kawaii chiffon dress has long sleeves and midi length. It is an excellent garment for the summertime, easy to style with flats and sneakers. The cut and the chiffon itself elevate the look with the dose of a romantic vibe. The sleeves reach the length of elbows, finishing in elasticized ends. The dress is comfortable and straight, without any particular tailoring. It just falls on the body, making it a practical choice for the summertime. The beauty of the dress comes from the discreetly embroidered starts that are present through the entire dress. And the collar is very playful and interesting.

Kawaii fashion is unique and it is a representation that cultural heritage can work well alongside fashion. Its popularity is very big lately, offering all those interesting in trying it some more toned down Kawaii fashion and the original one. Whichever you choose to go with, it will bring a change in your style and outfits.


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