Style Evolution with The New Dress Arrivals From Kawaii Fashion

Nothing beats the ultimate summer look that wearing a cute dress. In the past, since women were not allowed to wear pants, they would sew the most different dresses and enjoyed wearing them. As a fashion garment, the dress has been present in the fashion market for a very long time, and it is here to stay. Every fashion style puts its imprint when it comes to making the piece unique and eye-catching.

As you already know, Kawaii fashion is a pretty unique fashion style, always striving to give followers an interesting and playful look. The unique cuts and tailoring accompanied by lots of fashion details and colors create pieces that transform every girl in a new, happy, and colorful world.

This time, with the new set of arrivals, we at Kawaii Fashion have put the accent on the ultimate female garment – the dress. Take a look at our newest selection!

Lolita Lace Dress

No matter the occasion, this is the dress that will leave a huge impression on everyone. Whether the choice falls as an elegant outfit, or you just want to bring some elegance in the daily look, this lace dress is exquisite and stylish. The big and voluminous ruffles dominate the entire piece, giving it an extraordinary look. The skirt opens as a ballerina skirt, full of tulle. The sleeves are layered with ruffles that also appear on the collar.


False Two-piece Chinoiserie Dress

This false two-piece dress is a very interesting choice for those who like to bring some varsity in their look. The pieces consist of a lace shirt-sleeved shirt and a dress. The dress has straps that come sewed in and open up to the skirt. It is big and voluminous, full of details such as bows, flowers, tulles, and ruffles. And the light blue color is amazing.


Strawberry Loose dress

Girls and strawberries are best friends. Especially if you get to wear them too. For the hot summer days, try this loose dress with the strawberry print on it. The discreet checkered print on a pink base comes covered in big strawberries that look more than real. The collar is girly and retro, while the sleeves reach the elbows.


Bubble dress

There is some inexplicable beauty when it comes to bubble dresses. The skirt, as a central part of the dress, is quite wide and open, creating a very interesting look. This bubble mesh dress comes with baloney sleeves and with added mesh skirt, coming over the dress skirt. Whether it is a part of a beach attire or daily choice, this is the dress that will catch the eyes.


Falbala slip dress

If you are looking for something completely different, colorful, and cartoony, then this is the dress for you. From the first look at this dress, you will see the inner child in yourself. Short but full of ruffles, this dress will bring back so many childhood memories. The collar and the sleeves are loose and ruffled, while the print on the dress shows lots of bunnies and lets you create the story you want to  tell.


Falbala overall dress

Similar to the previous dress, but playing more on the calm side, this falbala overall dress comes as a combination of a classic white shirt on the top and a wide bottom skirt. The top has a classic collar and straight sleeves, and the skirt has a checkered pattern, covered with transparent mesh. The ruffles add the necessary beauty at the end of the dress and create a girly look.



Navy Collar falbala dress

The subtle color change, that resembles the look of tie-dye comes together on this falbala dress. Reaching length somewhere between the knees and the ankles, the beauty of this dress tells a story itself. It is rich in the design, especially in the lower part of the skirt. The top at the front resembles a look of a laced corset, which adds some sexiness to this pretty unique dress.


Short dress

The Kawaii fashion and style do not only focus on the midi length of the dresses. On the contrary, the short ones are very popular too, like this one. The sleeves resemble a navy style, with the two lines, while the rest of the dress goes in a different direction. It is full of cartoony motives and makes it an excellent choice for the little girls.


Harajuku Mid-length Floral Dress

The floral pattern is always welcome when it comes to dresses and fashion. This subtle print, on a white base, delivers the ultimate white summer dress that can work for many different styles and occasions. The puffy sleeves end with a nice ruffle, the front features small colored bows and it ends with triple ruffle layering with added tulle.


Lolita Falbala short dress

Going to a themed party or just dressing like there is one is now closer than ever with this extraordinary Lolita falbala dress. The modern version of this Victorian dress is something that can deliver a unique style and look. It looks gracious and rich, taking all the details and accessories that complete them. The blue shades predominate the dress, and pairs greatly with the details in white lace. The opening is very interesting and unique, and that same style transfers onto the skirt.


Lolita High-waist slip dress

Another pretty rich, colorful, and the full dress is this Lolita High-waist dress. The round skirt that will immediately transfer you into some past times, comes upgraded with a colorful design and look that brings a modern vibe to this dress. The sleeves are transparent and wide, the collar featured small ruffles, but the entire accent is put on the skirt that resembles a canvas of some unique artistic moves. Purple, white, and blue are the colors that dominate and create this intriguing dress.

With this new set of dress arrivals, there is plenty for everyone. Whether you like some more calm or daring, take your pick and enjoy Kawaii Fashion in a new, colorful, and stylish way!

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