20 Popular Kawaii and Harajuku Hoodies&Sweaters That You Will Ever Need

The latest fashion trends put a significant accent on the comfortability of the garments. The Kawaii hoodies and sweatshirts are one of the most popular fashion garments for past 2022, and the expectations are the same for 2023. The hoodies and sweaters' comfort and stylishness go a long way. Playing just on the line between the sporty and the casual style, hoodies have become an essential and irreplaceable part of every woman’s wardrobe.

The Kawaii and Harajuku fashion has also seen this significant rise in the trend, putting a particular accent on the hoodies and sweaters that will be Kawaii-inspired. So, if you want to do some hoodie shopping for Kawaii and Harajuku sweaters and hoodies, look at our top best-selling offer and find your pick.

Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Cat Contrast Color Sweaters

This is the type of sweatshirt that combines many details in one: oversized cut, sailor collar, and wide sleeves. It is an excellent piece that comes between the sporty and the casual and can be styled with many different bottoms. The crisp white base and navy stripes deliver a true sailor look, and the side pocket with the kitten image is originally Kawaii inspired.


Women's Kawaii Sailor Collar Bear Embroidered Sweaters

Another similar sweatshirt, also featuring a sailor collar, is this one. Although the collar is slightly different, this one also delivers an outstanding style. Coming in two colors, baby blue and baby pink, it is a choice that every Lolita and Kawaii fashionista will love. The oversized cut and the wide sleeves are also on point, with a massive bow on the front as detail.


Women's Kawaii Bear And Bunny Dancing Sweaters

For cozy days and nights, this sweatshirt will make you feel comfy. It is soft and plain, delivering a truly fantastic feeling and style. With three color options, it featured a bear ad a bunny image. It is great for styling with short skirts and jeans.

Women's Casual Long Sweaters With Little Bear Doll

This one comes longer than usual for those willing to make some difference and try a bit different sweatshirt. The neck is round, with elasticized sleeves and an attached bear tool that serves a purpose of a brooch. It is genuinely oversized and very stylish.

Women's Kawaii Contrast Color Sailor Collar Back Bear Sweaters

Feeling the navy vibe will easily be achieved with this gorgeous Kawaii style sweatshirt. The sailor color comes as detached addition to the sweatshirt, with two side pockets and an embellished bear. The sleeves and the cut are wide and comfy.


Women's Korean Fashion Cherry Pure Color Sweaters

You will instantly fall in love with this type of sweatshirt. The loose and straight cuts are very trendy, presenting a sporty style. The color options are pretty varied and suitable for every Korean fashion lover. The only detail on the sweatshirt is the embellished cherry that perfectly stands out.


Women's Kawaii Printed Pure Color Lace-up Sleeved Sweaters

Nothing will present your devilish side to this unique and extraordinary sweatshirt. Featuring an interesting quote on the front, it is just the right piece for everyone wanting to leave an impression. It comes in two colors, pink and white, with the quotes colored in the contrasting shade. It is a pretty unique and fabulous garment for all Kawaii fashionistas.


Bear Lacing Loose Hoodies

If you like bears and hoodies, you will undoubtedly love this hoodie. Featuring a nig teddy bear on the front, the sleeves on the hoodie come in lacing details. The color combination is pink and brown, making it a perfect girly outfit.


Kawaii Monster Printed Velvet Hoodies

Monsters and fashion go well hand in hand, especially if they come in a hoodie like this one. With all the details resembling the look of a beast, this is an eye-catching hoodie. 


Women's Kawaii Cat And Fishes Printed Hoodies Splicing Plaid Shirts

If you thought the hoodies and sweatshirts could not go together, take another look. This is the most unique sweatshirt you will ever find. The plaid print on the sleeves combines well with the sporty style of the sweatshirt.


Women's Kawaii Bear Hoodies Splitting Plaid Shirts

Similar to the previous sweatshirt, this one also features a plaid print but with different images on the top. The sleeves look like they are separated from the rest of the garment.

Women's Kawaii Bear Hoodies Spliting Plaid Shirts

Women's Casual Cartoon Printed Loose Sport Coats

If you love sweatshirts with prints of girls, then this is the choice for you. The image comes on the back, and the length is longer than the regular ones.

Women's Kawaii Big Ears Dog Printed Long Hoodies

Inspired by the cartoons, this sweatshirt looks like every girl's dream. Coming in a mellow yellow shade, it is comfortable, with wide sleeves and a hoodie.


Women's Lovely False Two Pieces Plaid Spliced Hoodies

The false plaid print sleeves, the straight cut, and the front side pocket deliver a fancy street-style garment that nails the modern Kawaii fashion style and fashion.


Women's Off-shoulder Pink Hoodies

For the modern fashionistas, this is the hoodie that will set our minds on fire. The bare shoulders and hoodie are great stylish choices.  

Women's Kawaii Big Bear Cloudy Stitching Wool-like Hoodies

For the eternal bear loves and the shearling fabric, this hood will make you feel like you are on the clouds.


Women's Kawaii Bunny Bear Cloudy Hoodies With Rabbit Ear Hood

Rabbits ears and rabbits print are the main details on this comfy sweatshirt. Available in two colors, they are a happy addition to everyone's wardrobe.


Women's Sweet Bears Printed Long Hoddies

If one bear is not enough, why not go for six? The prints on this slouchy and comfy shirt will make you happy daily.


Women's Sweet Bunny Printed Contrast Color Hoodies

Two contrasting colors on one shirt are a look that never gets old, especially if you add the cute rabbit!


Women's Kawaii Bear Spaceship Hoodies Splicing Plaid Shirts

Spaceships, bears, laces, and colors all come together in these unique shirts that are the most original you will ever see.


Women's Lolita Pure Color Falbala Hooded Puff Sleeve Hoodies

If you are looking for a Christmas outfit, let this sweatshirt deliver joy and happiness with its pom details, wizard hat, and deep red color.

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