Lolita style is mainly derived from Rococo and Victorian European that is mixed with elements of gothic and punk.These elements include:cotton water-soluble lace, pleats, pom-poms, bows, ribbons, etc.It has formed a style of clothing subculture especially in Japan.
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Women's Lolita Layered Plaid Slip Dresses
From $25.18 - $43.47
Women's Lolita False Two-piece Chinoiserie Dresses
Women's Lolita False Two Pieces Lace Splicing Dress
Lolita High-waist Falbala Slip Dress
From $14.72 - $46.12
Women's Lolita Lace Bowknot Mid-Calf Length Socks
Women's Lolita Square Collar Puff Sleeved Lace Dress
Lolita Navy Collar Falbala Dress
Lolita Navy Collar Shor Sleeved Dress
Lolita Lace Ruffles Front Bowknot Dress
Lolita Square Collar Dress With Bowknot
Lolita Ruffles V-neck Falbala Dress
Lolita Lace Patterns Socks
Lolita Falbala Contrast Color Dress
Lolita Floral Two-layer Dress
Lolita Lace Falbala Short Sleeved Dress
Lolita Falbala Short Sleeved Dress
Lolita Square Collar Plaid Dress
Lolita High-waist Lace Dress
From $21.50 - $51.29
Lolita Falbala A-line Dress With Bowknot
Lolita Lace Ruffles Chiffon Shirt
Lolita Floral Dress With Bowknot
Lolita High-waist Falbala Dress
Lolita Square Collar Mid-length Dress
Lolita Pouf Skirt With Bowknot
From $28.87 - $32.55
Lolita Multi-layer Falbala Dress
Lolita Lace Falbala Dress
Lolita Ruffles Puff Sleeved Shirt
Lolita Sheer Half Sleeve Chiiffon Shirt
Lolita Lace Multi-layer Slip Dress
From $26.80 - $46.12
Lolita Sweetgirl Cartoon Printed Suspender Dress
From $22.88 - $41.98