This selection of black Kawaii dresses is for all occasions

The black dress is an iconic fashion garment that every girl and woman should have in her closet. The popularity of the black is very well known on the fashion scene, and no matter the fashion style or direction, it is a piece that never goes out of style.

The black dress comes as highly appreciated and suitable fashion garment in the Kawaii style and Korean fashion. Women and girls love wearing the black dress because it is interesting and stylish, and easily combines with different kinds of other garments.

Here is the selection of the best Kawaii fashion black dresses that you can find on Kawaii Fashion Shop.

Women's Vintage Black Swan Velet Slip Dresses With Flash Lace Sweatshirts

This velvet slip dress is pretty fabulous and interesting Kawaii fashion piece. It combines the popularity of the black dress with the girly type of the straps that tie up in bows. The front and the back are identical, with straight line, and the cut follows the A-line model. It is best styled with long-sleeved shirt under neath it.

Harajuku Drawstring Pleat Overall Dress

The harajuku dress is an interesting choice for those looking for a school uniform appearance. The top of the dress is wide and open, with some lacing and pleats that deliver interesting style. The length of the dress reaches the knees. It can also be worn with some matching and suitable long-sleeved shirt.


Vintage Lace Ruffles Long Sleeved Dress

The lace and the vintage look really nice when they come together on dresses such as these ones. The fit is figure-flattering, following the line of the body. The lace is present on the sides of the dress, giving the dress a girly and sexy look at the same time. It is a short dress, perfect for nights out. The collar and the sleeves really stand out.


Harajuku Falbala Lace Ruffles Dress

Another must-have black dress is this perfect summer one, that has an A-line cut. Made from a soft and comfortable fabric, it is easily one of the best choices for relaxed and stylish look. The collar comes with white under-lace creating nice contrast.



Women's Puff Sleeved Mid-length Dress

The puffy look of the entire dress makes it deliver unique look and style. Made out of light fabric, it the dress that will make you like you have come out from some fairy tale. The sleeves are puffy, there is a bit of front lacing and the skirt is voluminous and wide.


Women's Black Cheongsam Dress With Short

For those who are looking to add a bit of daring look and style, this is the dress that will deliver it. The Kawaii fashion style can be seen in all different details such as the cut, the sleeves and the collar. Nd the black color makes is classic and unique.


Women's Korean Fashion Square Collar Puff Sleeve Mesh Dresses

If you want to put a bit of elegance, and shiny dose to your black dress, this is the piece that adds that disco tone. The opening on the front is interesting, connected with the short puffy sleeves. The skirt comes with a high waist, and it is covered in shiny tulle. It looks voluminous and beautiful.

Harajuku Navy Collar Black Dress

The navy collar looks great on this black dress as it creates a nice balance with the with straps. The dress itself is short and cute with sleeves almost reaching the elbows. The cit follows the line of the body, and there is a cut bow on the front that adds to the beauty and the style of the dress.

Women's Back Bowknot Falbala Slip Dress

Fabulous, captivating and voluminous are just some of the things that describe this unique falbala dress. It has pretty wide skirt, thick straps and the huge and dominant bow on the back. It is the ultimate summer dress that will leave everyone in awe as you walk.

Women's Vintage Autumn Overdresses With Puff Sleeve Shirt

With the vintage vibe and the midi length that the dress holds, it is a piece that can work in many different styles. The straps are thick, with big front buttons, wrap-around belt and wide skirt. It can be worn with sneakers or boots.

Women's Vintage V-neck Slip Velet Dresses With Floral Mesh Sweatshirts

This is another pretty interesting dress. Made from velvet, it deliver interesting and elegant vibe, while the cut itself is girly and stylish. Wrapped around the neck, this is a col black dress.

Women's Vintage Ruffles Cutout Velet Dresses

For the Kawaii lovers and fashionistas, this is the kind of dress that makes an impression. Made of velvet, it is soft, with long sleeves and an A-line skirt. The beauty of this black dress comes from the fabulous front that presents double openings.

Women's Vintage Contrast Color Heart-Shaped Buckles Dot Velet Dresses

If you are looking for a dress that combine the look of an added shirt, then you have found the one. The puffy sleeves come form mesh, and they wonderfully complement the dress. The dress is black, with midi length and front buttons in the form of hearts.

Women's Vintage Contrast Color Falbala V-neck A-line Dresses

This A-line black dress comes as a combination between a strapless black dress and white mesh shirt. It  delivers truly impeccable and stylish look. The sleeves and the collar are very beautiful.

Women's Korean Fashion Black Dresses With Mesh Ruffles Slip Tops

When you add mesh and tulle as a detail, it delivers this kind of unique and stylish black dress that will become your favorite one.

Women's Vintage Chinese Button Moon Floral Dresses With Belt

When the modern and the vintage combine together, they create this beautiful Chinese dress. Some of the most important Chinese fashion details are stated in bold red color.

Women's Vintage Square Collar Back Cutout Bowknot Strappy Velet Dresses

The deep V opening at the back and the bow are the centerpieces of this black dress that puts all the accent at the back instead at the front.

Women's Korean Fashion Square Collar Puff Sleeve High-low Mesh Dresses

Short and asymmetric, this is the dress that every Kawaii fashion lovers would love to get her hands on. The sleeves are short and cut and there is also a bit of mesh.

Women's Vintage Ruffles Slip Dresses Black

Great for the summer time, this black slip dress is the best casual and stylish dress you will ever need.

Women's Vintage Strappy Lace Hem Dresses

Chic and daring, the black and white dress with lace strappy details well combines the vintage with the modern.

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